Putting the Spotlight on ADR to Resolve Professional Negligence, Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Disputes


The event was hosted by Leeds Beckett University and opened with Mike Willis. Mike is a specialist solicitor assisting professionals with what Mike describes as ‘a problem’. He took the audience through the current legal position regarding negligence and indemnity claims, focusing on the choices for resolution. Having set the background, Mike then handed over to Paul Balen, a specialist personal injury and clinical negligence mediator.


Paul discussed the work he is currently dealing with in personal injury and clinical negligence cases and explained that the NHS has recently made a significant change in dealing with such cases, where a new focus on mediation as a means of dispute resolution is being driven as the first choice. Perhaps the key point Paul wanted to get across was that compensation is not necessarily the primary desire of the claimant in such cases and instead, it was the desire to get the facts out in the open, avoid the same thing happening to someone else and of paramount importance, for the clinical organisation to apologise and admit that it was at fault. The NHS now positively embraces mediation and as its Chief Executive recently stated:


“Mediation is a powerful forum giving the injured person the opportunity and the “voice” to articulate the basis of their case and other related concerns which is not possible at a meeting with just lawyers”


After the talk, the NE Branch hosted a networking event with food and drink for attendees. Detailed notes of presentation can be provided by the NE Branch on request.


In December 2016, the North East Branch held its annual Keating Construction Law Update, hosted by Leeds Beckett University. Adrian Williamson QC of Keating Chambers was the guest speaker at a very well attended event and gave an interesting and informative talk on some of the legal highlights of the year, following which the audience participated in a question and answer session. After the talk the NE Branch hosted a networking event with food and drink for attendees.

At the start of the evening a prize winning student from Leeds Beckett University, Fiona Gorton, was introduced to Mr Williamson by one of her lecturers and NE Branch Committee member, Martin Green (on the right of the picture). In what has become something of a tradition, the prize Fiona received was a copy of Keating on Construction Contracts, generously provided by Keating Chambers.

Keating Construction Law Update : Newcastle

North East branch UK

21 November 2016, Newcastle

In an effort to serve members in the Newcastle area, the North East Branch held the Keating Construction Law Update in November 2016, hosted by Northumbria University. Sarah Williams of Keating Chambers was the guest speaker, and the event was very well attended despite the torrential rain on the evening.  Sarah elected to avoid the cases that have already been commented upon by many others and instead concentrated on some very interesting cases involving Part 36 offers and limitation of liability.  Continue reading